Mahatma College, run by Mahatma Educational Trust, is a reputed educational institution which has been working for more than a decade at Valanchery.

We try to provide quality education at a very low cost. Apart from higher secondary and collegiate education we provide technical and professional training. Parents and students choose our college for a variety of reasons; academic success or opportunities for sports, cultural, recreational and leadership.

We feel very happy to be known as an institution that is one of the finest in the District in the field of Parallel Education. While we are aware of our social responsibility as educators, we also aim at instilling the same spirit of service in our students. In addition to building a strong culture of teaching and learning, we also strive to contribute to the betterment of living conditions for the needy and suffering society through our charitable and social works.



I am very delighted to convey my warm greetings to the Trust Members, Staff, Parents and the Students of the prestigious institution with a sense of pride. I am very elated and enthusiastic to assume office as the Principal of Mahatma College.

In this modern era, an institution has to follow global standards of education to meet the challenges imposed by the competitive environment. Therefore, we lay special emphasis on the implementation of global parameters of education and to inculcate the professional competency in our students with full vigour and zeal.

We work hard to inspire the young students to build up their career and transform themselves into decent human beings. Our college has a long history in achievements in academics have enabled it to be amongst the best in Valanchery.

Besides academic curriculum, we focus on the personality development and communication skill and make the best use of the available opportunities in sports, cultural and other extra-curricular activities for the intellectual growth of the students. This in turn would help them feel as proud achievers in their selected fields.

We invite all the inquisitive minds with creativity, imagination, willingness for hard work and above all commitment to serve the society to join us and thus we wait to welcome our new entrants to this college.